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because change is sometimes what the heart & soul need, i am starting everything over. this blog will stay open, because it means the world to me, but i am now moving to stanandrea. i will keep my sideblog, safeandhome on my new account. (: 

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 posted 2 years ago

Love doesn’t keep score. Funny, the Castle Fandom doesn’t seem to know that. Immature much?  

I’m sorry. But all those childish comments. The word relationship implies that two people are connected and interact. How can only one person be at fault on a matter like that one? Ironic too, how people keep saying that Castle is being immature about things when they’re only reacting that way to the episode because they now feel that they don’t own that control they thought they had over the show. Grow up. Start having relationships, real ones, with people, and discover. Discover how messed up your ego can make you when it’s hurt. And then, come back, and tell me, whose being immature? Because I got to say this. In Marlowe I trust. Know why? Because he made it feel real. Just as real as the relationship I’m leaving myself.

I’m sorry if I made you believe I don’t respect you. I do. And I love you.

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Because I love you all, and because I wish we could all love each one of us despite our differences. <3

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I love Stana Katic. It’s not a secret for anyone.

I love how much talented & passionate she is.
I love how much she cares for us & shares with us.
I love how much of a good person she is too.
I love how much power & influence she has over me, my life, my choices.
I love that she makes me want to be a better person.

What you guys may not know, is that I also like Nathan Fillion very much. He is a good person too & always manage to make me smile.

Now. I love Stanathan. And if that was a secret for anyone, now, it’s not anymore.

Those past days we got a lot of Stanathan moment that lighted up my week-end.

But then, I start reading different opinions about that Stanathan thing.
I completely understand why someone would “ship” them & why someone would not “ship” them.

I just want to make things clear about how I feel about Stanathan.
I really love them together.

Together as co-workers first of everything. They make me smile & laugh. They make me hurt & cry. Beckett & Castle is no more Caskett without Stana & Nathan, without Stanathan.

Together as friends too. The way they seem to act around & towards each other is beautiful. The way they tease each other. The way the make each other laugh.

Together as a couple. That is something that does not exist. Stana & Nathan never mentioned a possible romantic relationship between the two of them & therefore I do not even think about it being possible. I respect them way too much for doubting them.
Together as a couple. It’s something I would like to be real sometimes, because I would love them to be happy with each other.

But, if tomorrow Nathan announces that he’s getting married with a woman (or a man, who knows) I will be extremely happy for him.
And, if tomorrow Stana announces that she’s getting married with a man (or a woman, who knows) I will be more than extremely happy for her.
Because for me, that’s what you call love. And I love them.

So here goes my point: I do ship Stanathan, yes.

I ship the chemistry they’re capable of creating on screen.
I ship the closeness they seem to share.

But I most of all ship their happiness.

And I hope it’s the same for everyone.

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Stana apparently can’t stop herself from being adorable. And I love that.  

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I wonder if Stana really gets how much we do love her, because sometimes, I don’t get it myself.
She just has so much power and influence over my life and I never even met her.

It’s the strangest love I ever felt, but honestly, it’s probably the best one.

Thank you Stana.

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I love Stana. Because of reasons.  

 posted 2 years ago

I used to think of a lot of celebrities as beautiful but then Stana Katic happened…  

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